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How do I perform a software repair on my smartphone or tablet?

    Perform a software repair

    If you have a problem with your phone or tablet, first restart the device. If restarting the device doesn't help, you should try a software update. If a software update doesn't solve the problem, the next action is a factory data reset or a software repair.

    Important information before you perform a software repair:

    • All data will be deleted from the device's internal storage when you perform a software repair. Photos, videos, music, and documents stored on an external SD card are not deleted. If possible, make sure that you back up data stored on the internal storage that you want to keep before performing a software repair.
    • Make sure that you know your Google™ account username and password. Depending on your security settings, your Xperia® device may lock after a repair procedure. You then need to enter your Google account username and password in order to use the device.
    • If you don't remember your Google account username and password, you can't unlock the device yourself. You can however try to recover your Google account username and password using the Google Account Recovery page. If you still can't reactivate your device, contact us.
    • From version 1.9.2, Xperia Companion checks if communication with the Xperia device is possible over MTP. If so, the device is still on (and charging) while the software is downloaded and after that, the update engine/repair is started. This lessens the chance of the device discharging during the repair.

    To perform a software repair

    1. Computer: If it is not already installed, download and install the Xperia Companion application.
    2. Open the Xperia Companion application.
    3. Under Manage your Xperia, click Software repair.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    5. (If your device can't be detected or started, or is a Smartwatch 3, then check the box with this information before you get started.)

    Tip: You can view our YouTube video on how to perform a software repair.

    It takes about 10-15 minutes to perform a software repair using Xperia Companion.