Oh, it’s here!
    Introducing Android Oreo

    Android 8.0 Oreo introduces great new features and improvements to make your device run faster, smoother and save even more battery power than before. The overall security is improved by Google Play Protect™, a service that regularly checks your device and apps for security risks, and notifies you if something is found. As a special treat, Sony has made the LDAC™ decoder for Bluetooth®‎ High-Resolution audio available to all devices running on Android.

    Keep reading to find out more about the new tasty Android Oreo!

    Notifications worth noticing

    The Android Oreo software comes with several new notification features. You might for example find a small coloured badge or dot next to one or more of your apps. This is a new type of badge, without a number, to signal that you’ve got unread notifications. Just as before, you simply swipe down from the top edge of the screen to find and read what’s new. You can also snooze the notification by gently swiping left or right and tap the timer icon to have it reappear later.

    A great improvement is that notifications are now organised in pre-defined categories, depending on the app. This means that you can choose which types of notifications you (don’t) want to receive for a specific app. For example, if you commute by car you probably want Traffic notifications from Google Maps™, but since you don’t go by bus or train you might not want the Transit notifications from the same app. If you change your mind later on, you can turn different categories on or off in the settings for that app.

    Shortcuts for easy action

    Upgrading your device to Android Oreo will include the latest version of the Xperia Home app, where long pressing the app icon not only lets you disable or uninstall an app, but also reveals a menu with quick action shortcuts. For example, if you long press the Calendar app you can choose to set up a new event or a new reminder. You can also tap a small icon to open App info where you can set or change notifications and permissions, as well as disable or uninstall the app.

    Email, phone or address?

    If you select a text or a number, Android Oreo will identify right away if the selection is an address, a phone number, a name or a place. In the menu that opens you will also have the option to open Google Maps, the Phone app, or your email client depending on what kind of text or number you have selected.

    Keep watching with Picture-in-picture

    Let’s say you are having a Google Duo™ video call, and you suddenly want to make a note in Google Keep™ or add an event in your calendar. No problem! For supported apps like Google Duo, you can use the Picture-in-picture mode to continue what you are doing in a minimised window that can be moved around on the screen, while you perform other tasks on your device. To find out which apps that support this feature go to Settings and use the magnifier glass to search for Picture-in-picture.

    Say cheese!

    Speaking of videos. As an Xperia™ user you probably love your camera, and you will probably love it even more now. Manual mode offers great creative control as you can manually change autofocus, shutter speed, light sensitivity, exposure value and white balance. A great feature for low-light or back-lit situations. But playing around with these values, what were the original ones? Easy! Simply tap Reset to start off with the pre-set values again.

    Note! The Camera app is not a part of the Android system but will be updated for selected Xperia™ devices running on Android Oreo.

    Ready, set, go!

    You will soon find that the Settings menu has been thoroughly revamped. Different types of settings have been organised in a more structured way and there are several new sections. No worries, you will soon find your way about! If you’re having trouble finding a specific setting, remember that you can search for it by tapping the magnifier glass at the top of the Settings menu.

    Now, enjoy your Xperia™ and don’t forget to continue exploring your new software, Android 8.0!

    The availability of software updates depends on your device, country and/or operator. Please note that regardless of Android version some features and functionality may also differ depending on your device.