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Error: This device's clock is not correct. Please check the clock or timezone settings.

    IMPORTANT: The Dual-Screen Tablet P (SGPT211USS) is currently only available for sale in the United States.

    This error is caused by a mismatch in the time or time zone the Reader application or Reader Store expects to see and the actual time and time zone setting on the tablet. For instance, if you have the time set as 4:00PM but have not selected a time zone, since Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the default, the time set for the tablet will be detected as 4:00PM GMT when in actuality it is 4:00PM Eastern Standard time. This will be detected as a mismatch and display the error. Image

    To resolve the issue, follow this procedure to make sure the time and time zone settings are correct.

    1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
    2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps icon. Image
    3. In the Apps screen, tap the Settings icon. Image
    4. In the Settings screen, tap to select Date & time. Image
    5. In the Date & time screen, tap Select time zone to change the displayed time. Image
    6. Once the time zone has been set, tap Set time to change the displayed time. Image


      • Tap the arrows above and below the current time (H/M) to change the values. Once all desired changes have been made, tap Set.
      • If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network , you can also tap to select Automatic date & time to have the displayed time and date automatically set and checked ever time the tablet is connected to the network. Image

    You should now be able to access the Reader application or the Reader Store without issue.