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How to transfer music and motion files to the Rolly™ Sound Entertainment Player.

    There are two methods to transfer music files to Rolly Sound Entertainment Player:

    Transfer music files using the Rolly Choreographer software.

    You can transfer music and motion to the player using the Automatic Choreography and Transfer function in the Rolly Choreographer software. This function enables you to transfer music and motion data to the player by pressing one button. You select tracks and then transfer. The tracks are choreographed with the appropriate motion by the Automatic Choreography function. Follow these steps to transfer a song and the motion data.

    NOTE: This solution assumes you have already installed the Rolly Choreographer software.

    1. Attach the Rolly Sound Entertainment Player to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
    2. Start the Rolly Choreograpther software.
    3. In the Rolly Choreographer window, under PC, locate the folder that contains the music you would like to transfer to the player.

      NOTE: When you click the folder/location containing the music files, the music files will display in the right pane of the PC area.

    4. Click to select the desired music file.


      • Before clicking to select the music file, if the Musical note in the Music Title section is grayed out for the music file you want to transafer, it is not in a supported format and cannot be used. The Automatic Choreography & Transfer button will also be grayed out. In this case, select another file to transfer.
      • To transfer files to a specific group on the Rolly, in the Rolly pane, click to select the desired group. If no group is selected, a new one will automatically be created. Groups can be renamed at anytime by selecting it and then using the rename function from the edit menu.

    5. Click the Automatic Choreography & Transfer [FIG. 1] button. The software will automatically assign motion data to the song and then transfer it to the player.

    Transfer music files using the Windows Explorer interface.

    1. Locate the song files you would like to transfer to the player.
    2. Click Start and then click My Computer.
    3. In the My Computer window, double click the storage device labeled SEP.
    4. In the My Computer window, double click Storage Media.
    5. Drag and drop files or folders into the music folder on the player.