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The Noise Canceling effect is weak or the ambient sound is too loud while talking using the INZONE headphones

    This can occur if the Sidetone feature is active. this is not a malfunction. Raise the boom microphone to deactivate the feature.

    • INZONE H5/H7/H9: Raise the boom microphone to deactivate the Sidetone feature
    • INZONE Buds (WF-G700N): The Sidetone feature works when you activate Sidetone in the INZONE Hub software

    Note: Sidetone is a feature that makes it easier to talk on the headphones and helps the headphone microphone pick up sounds and play your voice naturally.


    • If you are using the INZONE Hub software, you can adjust the level of the Sidetone function on the Sound SettingsSidetone.
    • For INZONE H5/H7/H9: When you raise the boom microphone, the microphone is turned off, the Sidetone function deactivates, and the voice chat sound will be muted.
    • Noise Canceling is only available for INZONE H9.