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The computer doesn't recognize the USB connection from a camera

    Before you start

    • Use the supplied USB cable if your camera has one.
    • If the camera isn't supplied with a USB cable, you can purchase a commercially available cable that supports your camera connection (USB Type-C™, for example).


    To import images and movies from your camera to your computer, connect the two using a USB cable. After doing so, a folder should appear on your computer where you can transfer the files. If you're having trouble with the connection, here are some common symptoms: 

    • On a Microsoft® Windows® operating system, the camera's disk drive won't be visible under the "Computer" or "This PC" section on your desktop.
    • On an Apple® Mac® OS X® operating system, the icon for "NONAME" or "Untitled" may not appear on your desktop.


    Follow the steps if the computer doesn't recognize the camera or an error message appears.

    Make sure the battery pack is sufficiently charged and check the USB connection after each step. Depending on the camera model, the displayed content or settings method may differ. Refer to the instruction manual for your camera.

    For Apple® computers 

    For all computers 

    The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve the issue. If you completed all of the steps above, replaced the USB cable and the issue still occurs, repair may be required  Go to Product Repair.