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Error: Access: Local Only or Unidentified Network for wireless connection.

    The computer may not be able to connect to the Internet and the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) or the Network and Sharing Center window may display Access: Local Only or Unidentified Network when using a wireless network connection.

    Access: Local Only

    Unidentified Network

    The following conditions may cause this issue:

    NOTE: If connecting at public or fee-based wireless hotspot, before viewing Web pages you may have to login or make payment at an initial Web page. This login page will usually appear when the Internet browser is first opened. If you change the Web page before logging in, the browser will fail to display Web pages.

    • The wireless router or wireless network adapter is not compatible with Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6).
    • The wireless router firmware needs to be updated.
    • The wireless network adapter needs to be updated.
    • The wireless router or wireless network adapter does not support the Vista DHCP BROADCAST flag.
    • Security software is blocking the network connection.

    Follow the procedure below to resolve the issue:

    NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the network connection status after completing each step.

    1. Run the Windows Network Diagnostics utility .
    2. Disable TCP/IPv6 .

      IMPORTANT: Only disable TCP/IPv6 if you have confirmed the wireless router or wireless network adapter is not compatible with that protocol.

    3. Update the firmware on the wireless router per the manufacturer's instructions.

      NOTE: Information on updating the firmware on the router can found in the router documentation or on the manufacturer's Web site.

    4. Download and install a wireless adapter driver update for the Sony® eSupport Web Site.

      NOTE: Another Internet connection or another computer may be needed to download an updated driver.

    5. If you are not able to download a wireless adapter driver update or it does not resolve the issue, reinstall the original driver using the VAIO® Recovery software and then, if possible, download and install the wireless adapter driver update.

      NOTE: For model specific information about using the VAIO Recovery software, consult the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    6. Reinstall the TCP/IP stack .
    7. Disable the DHCP BROADCAST flag .
    8. Check anti-virus or security software to ensure Internet access is not blocked or disabled.


    • If unable to configure the security software properly, to test if security software is causing the issue, temporarily disable or removed the software.
    • If security software is removed or disabled to troubleshoot the issue, Sony recommends enabling or reinstalling it to prevent exposure to malicious software. Once the software is enabled or reinstalled, configure it properly per the manufacturer's instructions to allow the Internet or network connection to work correctly.

    If these steps fail to resolve the issue, follow normal wireless network troubleshooting procedures. Model-specific articles about troubleshooting WLAN issues can be found in the knowledge base.