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How to configure the Firefox® Web browser to open new tabs with Web site options instead of a blank Web page.

    Firefox Web browser add-ons are available that allow you to open new tabs with certain Web sites displayed, such as favorites, most recent or recently closed Web sites.

    WARNING: This information is provided for your convenience and should be used at your own risk. Sony does not support nor guarantee the reliability or use of third-party software.

    To search for Firefox Web browser add-ons related to these features, follow the procedure below:

    1. Open the Mozilla™ Web site at
    2. At the top of the Web page, click Add-ons.
    3. In the search box, type: new tab and then press the Enter key.
    4. A list and description of different add-ons are displayed.
    5. Choose an add-on and follow the instructions to download, install and use it.