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When starting the computer the LCD backlight goes off after the Sony VAIO screen is displayed.

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Follow this procedure to troubleshoot the notebook backlight.

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. At the SONY screen, press the F2 key.
  3. In the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility window, press the RIGHT ARROW key until Exit (Save Changes) is selected.
  4. Press the ENTER key.
  5. In the Setup Confirmation dialog box, press the ENTER key.

    NOTE: If the BIOS screens and the VAIO logo displayed without issue, then the Cover Latch Switch may be stuck in the off position. Continue with this procedure to unstick the Cover Latch Switch .

  6. Insert a paperclip, PDA stylus, or similar object into the Cover Latch Switch [FIG. 1] .

    IMPORTANT: Do not use any sharp objects, any object which can damage or mar the notebook, or any object that could become stuck in the case.

  7. Gently move the object around in the Cover Latch Switch [FIG. 1] until the switch is released allowing the backlight to turned on.
  8. If the issue reoccurs after this procedure is performed, service is required.