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Important notice about SDXC memory cards and the exFAT format

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. When a memory card or USB flash drive with the exFAT format is inserted, the data on the memory card will be damaged. Do not use a exFAT-formatted memory card or USB flash drive.

    This product does not support SDXC memory cards, or the exFAT format in which the SDXC memory cards are formatted. Inserting a memory card with the exFAT format will damage the data on the memory card. Make sure you do not use exFAT-formatted memory cards.

    In addition, do not connect a USB flash drive that is formatted with ex-FAT. Doing so will also cause damage to the saved data.

    NOTE: If the data on your memory card has been damaged, it might be possible to recover the information by using a professional data recovery service like Sony® Media Services or DriveSavers™ Data Recovery. For more information and pricing, visit the Sony Media Services Web site at or the DriveSavers Data Recovery Web site at