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How to change the playback time of images on the photo frame.

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You can adjust the playback time of the images during slideshow by changing the Slideshow Speed or Photo Interval.

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Use the control buttons on the picture frame to select the Settings tab.
  3. Press the right or left control buttons to select Slideshow settings.
  4. Once Slideshow settings is highlighted, press the center button of the control keys to enter settings.
  5. Look for Slideshow speed or Photo interval under the Slideshowing settings.
  6. Select the desired time to playback the images.

For touch screen photo frames:

  1. Press Menu on the rear of the photo frame.
  2. Touch the icon that looks like a Tool box (Settings)
  3. Touch to select General settings.
  4. Look for Slide show speed and select the desired time.