Article ID : 00031154 / Last Modified : 08/07/2019

Error Code: 00004e2e: The selected music file cannot be played back because the system information has been changed. Click OK to automatically close SonicStage and open SonicStage System Information Restore Tool

    Follow this procedure to restore the backup information manually in the Windows® XP operating system.

    IMPORTANT: The operating system must be configured to show hidden files before beginning this procedure.

    NOTE: This procedure is for restoring the backup information created by the System Information Restore Tool. A different procedure is used for backing up or restoring music files in the SonicStage® software.

    1. Close the OpenMG Jukebox or SonicStage software if it is open.
    2. Click the Start button and then click My Computer.
    3. In the My Computer window, double-click Local Disk (C:).
    4. In the Local Disk (C:) window, double-click the Program Files folder.
    5. In the Program Files window, double-click the Common Files folder.
    6. In the Common Files window, double-click the Sony Shared folder.
    7. In the Sony Shared window, double-click the OpenMG folder.
    8. In the OpenMG window, double-click the Restorable folder.
    9. In the Restorable window, click to select the ICV.DAT file.
    10. On the keyboard, press and hold the CTRL key.

      NOTE: Holding down the CTRL key while a file is selected will allow for multiple files to be selected.

    11. In the Restorable window, click to select the MACLIST.DAT file.
    12. On the Edit menu, click Copy.
    13. Under the menu bar, click the Back arrow.
    14. In the OpenMG window, on the Edit menu, click Paste.

      NOTE: If prompted to replace files, click the Yes button.

    15. Close any open windows. The information has been restored.