Article ID : 00028114 / Last Modified : 01/26/2009

How to install or re-install the MD Simple Burner software on a computer with the SonicStage® software installed.

    To install the MD Simple Burner software on a computer with the SonicStage software installed, it will be necessary to install it from the Setup file on the original installation CD.
    1. Insert the SonicStage software installation CD into the CD/DVD drive.
    2. After the installation screen appears, click the Exit button to terminate the installation process.
    3. In the Confirmation box, click, the Yes button.
    4. On the Desktop, double-click My Computer .

      NOTE: For the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system, click Start and then click My Computer .

    5. In the My Computer window, right click the CD/DVD drive which represents the installation CD.
    6. Click Explore from the menu.
    7. In the Sonic Stage for Net MD window, double-click the SBurner folder.
    8. In the SBurner window, double-click the English folder.
    9. In the English window, double-click Setup.exe .
    10. Follow the Installation Wizard to complete the installation.