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How do I find information about the remote control that came with my product?

    You can find the remote control bundle with your product in the Help Guide or Reference Guide/Operating Instructions.

    1. Find the model name of your product.
      • The model name is a series of letters and numbers found on the box, product, user manual, and for TVs in the menu. Below are a few examples:

        Note: Learn where to find your model number

        • XBR-55X850G
        • KDL-48W650D
        • UBP-S800
        • BDP-S6700
        • STR-DN1080
    2. Enter the model name on the support website.

      Support Website

      1. Type your product model name in the Search bar. The full model name should appear in the auto-suggest menu.
      2. Click on the model name to go directly to the support page or click on the Search button and select the best match to your product model.
        • If you don't know if the remote control is the supplied remote or a remote that was sold separately, enter the model number of the remote in the Search bar.
          • If the remote is a standalone remote the remote model name will show up in the search results.
          • If the remote is a supplied remote, a list of products it is supplied with will show up in the search results.
        • The remote control model name starts with RM and is located in either the front of the remote control or inside the battery compartment cover.
    3. Go to your product's support page.

      Remote Info

      • You can see basic information, including the model of the supplied remote, just below the model name. Information about the remote can also be found in the Help Guide or Reference Guide/Operating Instructions.
        • Help Guide
        • Reference Guide/Operating Instructions
      • You may type remote or remote control in the Search bar to find related articles.
      • The remote control's shape, location, availability, and the functions of the buttons may vary depending on your region, country, and model.

    Note: If your remote control is lost or broken, a new one can be purchased.  Go to Parts and Accessories.