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SDXC and microSDXC Memory Cards using exFAT Format with the Sony® Reader™

    We appreciate your selecting Sony products to bring you continued enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Please be informed that the Sony Reader does not support SDXC or microSDXC memory cards using the exFAT format.
    Note: SDXC and microSDXC memory cards are preset to exFAT format by default.

    When an exFAT formatted memory card is inserted in the memory card slot of an Applicable Model (see below), the data in the memory card will be damaged. Please do not use exFAT formatted memory cards with your Sony Reader.
    Note: Besides SDXC and microSDXC memory cards, the Sony Reader does not support other memory cards, or other recording media, using exFAT format.

    Applicable Models

    • PRS-500
    • PRS-505
    • PRS-600
    • PRS-650
    • PRS-700
    • PRS-900
    • PRS-950
    • PRS-T1