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How to troubleshoot a Sony Universal Remote Commander not operating a component.

    IMPORTANT: If model-specific information is needed to complete any of these steps, check the specifications or supplied operations guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Make sure nothing is blocking the Infrared (IR) receiver on the component that is to be controlled.


      • Some components have an IR command mode setting. Consult the instruction manual for the component to be controlled for setting the command mode.
      • Some Sony® Audio/Video (A/V) receivers are shipped with the command mode setting in the AV2 position. The command mode must be changed to AV1.
      • Some Sony A/V receivers and CD changers require two-way communication to perform certain functions. Verify that the two-way communication is set to ON.
      • Complete instructions and component codes for programming the Remote Commander remote control is available at the Sony eSupport website.
    2. On the remote control, press the FUNCTION button for the component to be controlled.
    3. Try to control the component.
    4. Test the remote control with another component.
    5. Reset the remote control.
    6. Reprogram the remote control to operate the component.

      NOTE: The method to reprogram the remote control varies depending on the remote control. Consult the instruction manual for the remote control being used for the proper procedure to reprogram the remote control.

    7. Replace the batteries with new batteries.
    8. Reprogram the remote control to operate the component.

      NOTE: Compatibility with all components cannot be guaranteed. If the remote control operates one component but not another, then the IR frequency of the component may not be supported.