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Unable to program a remote control to operate a Sony DVD/VCR combination deck.

    Sony DVD/VCR combination decks have a Command Mode setting that allows the user to change the IR frequency that the unit accepts. This feature allows up to three units to be in the same room and be controlled separately by remote control. If the remote control and player are set to different Command Modes, the DVD/VCR combination unit will not respond to the remote control. For example, operation will not work if the remote control is designed to operate using the Command Mode 1 frequency and the DVD/VCR combination is set to Command Mode 3.

    If the remote control does not operate the DVD/VCR combination after programming for each code listed in the remote control user manual, change the Command Mode in the menu of the DVD/VCR combination unit and try programming again.

    IMPORTANT: Using a remote control other than the one provided with the DVD/VCR combination deck may not provide full functionality.

    NOTE: The procedure to change the Command Mode setting varies by model. Refer to the instruction manual provided with the DVD/VCR combination unit. Manuals are posted on your model support page.