Article ID : 00027650 / Last Modified : 04/14/2021

The Audio/Video receiver does not produce a multi-channel or Dolby Digital sound when receiving audio from a digital source.

    If the A/V receiver does not recognize a surround sound signal (the display reflects 2-channels only), or if the Dolby® Digital icon does not light, follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

    IMPORTANT: For information about configuring the digital source to output a Dolby Digital signal or if model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, check the specifications or supplied operations guide.

    1. Ensure the digital source is set up to output a digital signal.
    2. Ensure that the A/V receiver is set to either Auto Format Direct (A.F.D), Dolby Digital, or DTS.
    3. Ensure the A/V receiver is set to the appropriate input to receive the audio from the digital source.

    NOTE: After completing the steps above, and the A/V receiver is still not recognizing the surround sound signal, perform the steps found in the A/V receiver manual for Initializing the setup operations. Initializing the A/V receiver, however, will do a complete reset and will return any settings you have made back to their factory defaults.