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Reset the LCD or Projection TV to original factory settings

    IMPORTANT: This article is for projection, plasma, and non-Android LCD TVs only. To power reset, restart, or perform a factory data reset on an Android TV™/Google TV model, refer to the How to power reset, restart, or factory reset an Android TV™/Google TV article.

    Reset your TV to factory settings

    WARNING! For LCD and PLASMA TVs, this procedure will reset the video calibration settings of your TV. If you paid to have your TV screen specially calibrated, you may want to first perform a power reset . Otherwise, any special calibration settings will be lost.

    Review the short tutorial or skip to the steps below.

    Use the supplied remote control to follow the steps below. Make sure you point the remote control directly towards the front and center of your TV if a step requires you to press a button on the remote.

    1. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet for one minute.
    2. Plug the power cord back in.
      • The TV should turn on automatically. If it doesn't, press the POWER button to turn it on.
    3. Wait approximately 40 seconds for the TV to completely start up.
    4. On the remote control, press and hold the UP ARROW button.

      UP arrow of the remote

    5. While holding the UP ARROW button, press and hold the POWER button on your TV until Reset appears on the screen. Afterwards, the TV will turn off and then back on.
      • Depending on your TV, Reset may not appear on the screen.
      • If your TV remains off after performing a factory reset, press the POWER button to turn it on.
      • The button may be on the front, top, or side of the TV. If your TV has an Energy Saving switch, be sure to press the POWER button rather than the Energy Saving switch.

        Energy saving switch

    6. Release the UP ARROW button.
      • The initial setup screen displays if the above procedures were performed correctly.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup.

    If the reset didn't complete successfully, disconnect all devices from the TV, turn off or disable the network connection, then repeat the steps above.