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Verify if your remote control transmits an infrared signal

    Your remote control transmits infrared light that isn't visible to the human eye. Use a smartphone or digital camera to verify if your remote control transmits an infrared signal:

    1. Point the end of the remote control with the infrared transmitter towards the lens of the camera, camcorder, or a smartphone.
    2. Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote control.
    3. Check if you can see the infrared light on the display of your smartphone or camera.


    Some cameras and smartphones have a built-in infrared filter that may prevent the detection of the remote control signal. Contact the manufacturer to learn if you can disable the infrared filter.

    • You may be able to view infrared signals through the front camera of some smartphones including certain models of iPhones® mobile device.
    • Use a working remote control for TVs and recorders to check if your camera can display infrared signals.

    Can you see the infrared signal of the remote on the camera or smartphone display?


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