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The audio from special features of a Blu-ray Disc movie cannot be heard during the playback.

    IMPORTANT: Not all Blu-ray Disc® players or Blu-ray Disc Home Theater systems have the same capabilities. To see if your Sony® product has the functions described in this solution, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Audio data such as button sounds, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) audio, game sound and commentaries are separated from the movie file data on some Blu-ray Disc movies and may not be audible if the BD Audio Setting has been set to Direct in the menu. To output the audio data by mixing the interactive and secondary audio to the primary audio, follow the steps below to adjust this setting.

    1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select the Setup Image icon using the left arrow or right arrow.
    3. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Audio Settings.
    4. Press the ENTER Image button.
    5. Use the left arrow or right arrow to select BD Audio Setting.
    6. Press the ENTER button.
    7. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Mix.
    8. Press the ENTER button.