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Voice commands don't work on my remote control

    IMPORTANT: If voice commands stop working after a TV software update is installed or if the remote control was replaced, refer to the article How do I pair the voice command remote control to my TV.

    Before you start

    • Make sure that your remote control supports voice recognition. Look for the microphone icon or button on your remote. This icon indicates that the remote control supports voice recognition.
    • For Google TV™ models: The TV must be set up as Google TV for voice recognition to work via the remote control. If you selected Set up basic TV at the initial setup, go to the Home or Settings menu, and select Set up Google TV.
      Note: Make sure to accept the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions; it is also required that you be signed into a Google Account.
    • If your remote control supports the voice recognition function, proceed with the troubleshooting instructions as needed.

    Troubleshooting instructions

    Note: If model-specific information is needed to complete any step, check your product manual for details. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Check if the voice command works after each step:

    • Remove and reinsert the remote control batteries to ensure a good connection, or replace them with new batteries.

      Note: The remote uses a Bluetooth® connection for voice operation. Try doing a quick battery test with the TV off by pressing and holding VOL down (-) button and then pressing the Microphone button. The light at the top of the remote should flash, if it doesn't, the batteries are too low and need replacing.

    • Check if your specific display or setup screen supports voice recognition. The voice recognition function doesn't work in some situations.
    • Make sure the Voice control function is turned On

    • Make sure that your TV is connected to the internet.

    • Speak directly into the microphone on the remote control.

    • Make sure that the remote control is paired with the TV.

    • Make sure that the remote control software is updated.

    What if my remote control doesn't have a Mic button?

    There are two alternatives to using the voice recognition function of the TV.

    • Use a software keyboard.
    • Use the Android TV Remote Control application on your mobile device or tablet.
      Note: It's necessary to connect your smartphone or tablet to the same network as the TV.
    • For details about OS versions that support the Android TV Remote Control application, select the appropriate page link below: