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Error: Skip limit reached. appears when listening to Internet radio music services.

    IMPORTANT: Not all Sony products support Internet radio music services, such as the Slacker® Radio Service. To see if your product supports this feature, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If you get the error message Skip limit reached or if you are unable to skip content or songs when playing an Internet radio music service, this is not an error or malfunction with the Internet device. While content and stations are available through these music services, the number of skips and the nature of the restrictions vary by each music service.

    NOTE: For example, the Slacker Radio Service has a 6-song skip limit for each station per hour. Once the skip limit is reached, you can switch to another station where you will have a fresh start on your skip limits. The initial station will regain those six skips over the next hour whether or not you listen to that station. The Slacker Radio Service offers subscription options that do not have skip restrictions.

    For additional answers to frequently asked questions, including information regarding the benefits of a subscription service, we recommend that you contact the specific Internet music service directly.