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What gauge of speaker wire is recommended for connecting speakers to a stereo system?

    IMPORTANT: Some home theater surround sound systems use non-standard plug-in connections. In these cases, using separately purchased speaker wire is not possible, we recommend contacting the Sony parts and accessories department for assistance in ordering speaker wire with the correct plug-in connection for your home theater system.  Go to Parts and Accessories.  

    Speaker wires that are anywhere between 12 to 16 gauge are most commonly used for connecting speakers to an amplifier or an Audio/Video (A/V) receiver. A lower-gauge number indicates a thicker wire, while a higher-gauge number indicates a thinner wire. Speaker wires with lower-gauge numbers are better at carrying an amplified audio signal.

    When determining which wire gauge to use, consider how far away the speakers are from your amplifier or A/V receiver. Generally, for short speaker wire runs, a 16-gauge wire is sufficient. However, for longer speaker wire runs (to another room, for example), it is better to use a thicker, lower-gauge wire.