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Wireless Speaker with Google Assistant Voice Commands

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    Talking to Your Google Assistant

    You can use a wide variety of voice commands to control the operation of your wireless speaker. Just say Ok Google, followed by a voice command. Then the speaker will perform the Google Assistant activity associated with that command.

    OK Google and command

    Examples of Common Commands

    • Manage Tasks
      • Set a timer for 15 minutes.
      • Add butter to my shopping list.
    • Plan your day
      • How long will it take me to get to work?
      • Wake me up at 6 am tomorrow.
    • Entertainment
      • Play some music.
      • Pause.
      • Next Song.
      • Turn up the volume.
    • Stay up to date
      • What's the weather today?
      • What's the latest news?
    • Have Fun
      • Tell me a fun fact.
      • I'm bored.
      • What sound does the cow make?

    For the latest voice commands, visit one of the websites listed below: