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What is the One-touch function?


    The One-touch function by Sony incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC™) technology. By using Sony® devices with the One-touch function, users can easily and instantly register and pair their Bluetooth® devices to play music and more without the need for any set-up. The One-touch function is a reference to this instant connection between devices, and the One-touch listening is a reference to the music playback feature made possible across an array of One-touch enabled devices.

    One-touch listening:

    With One-touch listening, you just have to touch your mobile device or tablet for a couple of seconds on the listening device through which you want to play music, or stream other audio content. Listening devices can, for example, be wireless speakers or wireless headphones. The devices connect automatically.

    One-touch listening uses NFC and Bluetooth to connect and stream music, so your mobile device, tablet and the listening device (speakers or headphones, etc.) must support NFC and Bluetooth.

    With one-touch listening, you can listen to content from, for example, the Walkman® player, the YouTube® app, Internet-radio apps such as TuneIn Radio, or audio book apps.