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There is little or no sound from any of the speakers when using a docked Apple iPod or iPhone device.

    If you are getting little or no sound from the Dock Speaker system, there may be an incorrect setting. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue:

    1. Check if the connected Apple® iPod® player or iPhone® device is compatible  with the dock speaker system.
    2. The iPod portable player or iPhone mobile digital device may not be connected properly to the speakers. Disconnect the iPod player or iPhone device from the speakers and reconnect it.

      NOTE: If the iPod or iPhone has the case or cover, the device may not be set correctly. Remove the case or cover from the iPod or iPhone and set the device again if there is no sound or the sound is intermittent.

    3. Make sure the proper input is selected on the dock speaker system by pressing the iPod&iPhone button on the dock system.
    4. The volume level may be set to the minimum. Increase the volume level of the speakers.
    5. Press the Play button on the speakers.
    6. The volume level of the connected device may be set to low. Increase the volume level of the connected device.
    7. Low volume can be caused by the batteries loosing its charge. Try to operate the speaker system with the AC adapter connected.