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Watching a 3D movie on your Android TV

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Before you start

    To enjoy 3D movies on your Android TV™ you'll need the following:

    • An Android TV that supports 3D format
      • If you have a 4K TV, a 3D signal won't display if the TV receives a 4K signal.
    • A disc or media that plays in 3D
      • 3D videos from YouTube™ app are supported.
      • 3D videos from Netflix® app aren't supported.
      • 3D videos from streaming services of a 3D supported Blu-ray Disc™ player and other devices aren't supported.
    • Compatible 3D glasses

    Set up your TV to play 3D

    The steps may vary depending on your Android™ operating system. Check your product manual if model-specific instructions are needed for any step. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Check whether your TV supports 3D display

    2. Make sure you have set the Bluetooth® settings on your TV.

    3. If you have a 3D capable Blu-ray Disc player, check the 3D Output Setting:

    4. Check whether your TV supports the 3D output signal of the output device.

    Watching a 3D movie

    1. Play the 3D movie on your TV.
    2. Put on the 3D glasses.
      • If you have passive 3D glasses, just put them on.
      • If you have active 3D glasses, turn the power on, and they are ready to be used.


    • If the picture doesn't display 3D, check the following:
      1. On your remote control, press the ACTION MENU button.
      2. Select 3D.
      3. Select the 3D display mode that suits the movie.
        • You may not be able to select 3D (Side by Side) or 3D (Over-Under) depending on the input signal or format.
    • If you have active 3D glasses, check the following:
      • When the battery level is low, the power button or indicator will blink green three times every two seconds. Replace the battery if this happens.
      • If the 3D images are unstable, it may be due to radio interference between the active 3D glasses and other wireless devices nearby. To improve the situation, try to turn off the other wireless devices or keep them at a distance away from the TV and active 3D glasses.