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DVR / DVD Recorder - Component

    Before Connecting

    For DVR/DVD Recorder connection, the first step is to determine the type of connection used for TV source (Cable, Satellite, Antenna).

    • This guide only shows the connection between Antenna/Cable - DVR/DVD Recorder - TV. To see the connection between DVR/DVD Recorder - Set Top Box - TV, please check Set Top Box on the device selection menu
    • Please refer to your DVR/DVD Recorder instruction manual for the recommended connection.
    1. Connect Antenna/Cable to DVR/DVD Recorder so the device can record the program. After that, please connect the same connection from DVR/DVD Recorder to the TV so that program can be displayed on the TV. The connection depends on your Antenna/Cable and DVR/DVD Recorder type.
    2. Connect the DVD recorder to the AV input (Component) of the TV for DVD playback. Although DVD recorder is already connected via Antenna cable to the TV, it is passive. In order to playback a recorded DVD from DVR/DVD Recorder, you must use the AV inputs of the TV.

    Making a Connection

    Connection Diagram of DVR / DVD Recorder (Component)
    1. Antenna cable (RF/Coaxial) from Antenna/Cable point to DVR/DVD Recorder (IN)
    2. Antenna cable (RF/Coaxial) from DVR/DVD Recorder (OUT) to TV
    3. Component Video cables
    4. Composite Audio cables (left and right)

    TV Set-up

    1. After making a connection, turn on the connected DVR/DVD Recorder.
    2. Press the (Input) button repeatedly to select the input to the connected DVR/DVD Recorder.

    3. You can now use DVR/DVD Recorder connected with the TV.


    These are basic troubleshooting steps based on the latest TV models. Refer to your product manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page. If the symptom still persists, please contact Product Support.

    General troubleshooting.

    Please check the following when there is any issue:

    • Please check your DVR/DVD Recorder specification and manual to check whether the device has been connected properly.
    • Make sure the cables are properly attached and the correct input on TV is selected.