Article ID : 00157853 / Last Modified : 08/20/2019

Watch 4K movies on the YouTube app of the Android TV

    You can play 4K movies on the YouTube® app with a compatible Android TV™. Here's how:

    Connect your TV to the internet

    • Use either a wired or wireless connection and make sure you have at least 40 Mbps speed.
      • We recommend a wired connection becuase 4K videos use high-capacity data. If the internet connection isn't fast enough, the videos may not play smoothly.
      • If you use a wired connection, make sure Wired is displayed for Connection method.

    • If you switch from an already established wireless connection to a wired connection, the wired connection between the wireless LAN router and the TV may not be enabled right away. In this case, press and hold the Power button on your TV to restart it.

    Search for 4K movies

    Videos can only be played in 4K resolution when playing from the YouTube app. If the videos are played using the TV internet browser, they won't play in 4K resolution.

    1. On the YouTube app, search for the 4K movie you want to watch.
      1. Press the HOME button.
      2. Select the YouTube app.
      3. Search for keywords such as 4K video using the search field of the YouTube app.

    2. Set the Youtube Video Quality to 4K.
      1. Press the enter button.
      2. Select More or the Youtube More Icon icon.
      3. Select Quality or the Youtube Quality Icon icon.
      4. Select 2160p.
    3. Enable the Motionflow settings.
      1. Press the ACTION MENU button.
        • Make sure the YouTube video is playing before pressing the ACTION MENU button.
      2. Select Picture adjustments.
      3. Select Advanced settings.
      4. Select Motion.
      5. Select Motionflow.
      6. Select Standard, Smooth, or Custom.
        • If you chose Custom, you can set Smoothness or Clearness to the max.

    Note: Depending on the network speed, or circumstances of use, videos may buffer or start buffering during playback at 4K resolution. You may also be unable to select 2160p, 4k due to the network environment. In these cases, set the video quality to Auto or low resolution if you don't meet the internet connection speed to prevent buffering during video playback.