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My TV has no picture, no power, or the LED light blinks/flashes red

    Follow these instructions to troubleshoot any of the following issues:

    • No display
    • No power
    • No picture
    • Black picture
    • Black screen
    • Won't turn on
    1. Press any of the following buttons and check if anything appears on the screen.
      • HOME or Menu button
      • Display button
      • Input button
    2. Depending on what happens on the screen after pressing the buttons, follow the appropriate link to resolve the issue:
    3. If your TV still doesn't turn on or show a picture and the LED indicator blinks red:
      • Select your TV type to perform a power reset.
      • Connected devices may cause the standby indicator to blink red. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:
        1. Turn off your TV.
        2. Disconnect all devices, including USB devices and HDMI® cables, from your TV.
        3. Turn on your TV.
        4. Reconnect your devices.
          • If the standby indicator blinks red after you connect a certain device, check the device to see if it's causing the issue on your TV.

    Troubleshoot other symptoms

    Further troubleshooting is available if your TV has a symptom that isn't listed above. Select the appropriate symptom and follow the steps provided.

    • The standby indicator turns off.
      • Make sure to plug the AC adapter securely.
      • Press the power button on the TV to check if the TV turns on.
      • Select your TV type to perform a power reset.
    • The signal from the connected device doesn't appear on the TV.
    • TV models equipped with the Presence Sensor
      • Set the Presence Sensor on the TV. Check your manual for model-specific information.
        1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
        2. Select Settings.
        3. Under the Settings category, select Preferences.
        4. Select Eco.
        5. Select Presence Sensor.
        6. Select OFF.
      • Select your TV type to perform a power reset.

    Note: If the issue still occurs after trying the troubleshooting steps above, the TV may need repair. Go to Product Repair.

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