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How can I test the picture and sound quality of my TV?

    Is the picture not quite like it used to be, or the sound doesn't seem right? If you feel something is off with the image or sound, there's an easy way to verify if something is wrong. Use this test as a way to create a known good reference so that you can ensure the TV is operating appropriately. This test can help separate a TV related problem from signal/streaming related picture quality issue.

    Follow these steps to perform the picture and sound test.

    1. On the supplied TV remote, press the HELP button or press the HOME button → select AppsSee allHelp.
      Note: If your TV doesn't have the Apps icon on the home menu, follow the steps from the HELP button.
    2. The following steps will depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select Status & DiagnosticsPicture/Sound Symptoms or Picture/Sound test.
      • Select Problem diagnosisPicture/Sound Symptoms.
      • Select Picture/Sound Symptoms.
    3. On the Start the picture and sound test screen, select Start to perform the picture and sound test.
    4. Your TV plays a series of images and sounds to test the display and audio.
    5. To cancel the test, press the BACK button on the remote.
    6. The message Picture and sound test are complete! appears on your TV screen at the end of the test.
    7. Select Finish to end the test.
      • To repeat the test, select Restart the test or Start again.