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Unable to control my cable or satellite set-top box using my TV remote

    This article provides information on using your TV remote to control your Cable or satellite box, also known as an STB (set-top box).

    What you need to know

    • If your TV model series is not listed, refer to the Unable to control the set-top box or A/V receiver when using the IR Blaster function article.
    • Some STB models are not compatible with Cable or Satellite box setups.
    • The Cable or Satellite box setup procedure allows control of your STB using your TV remote. However, the power button on the TV remote can't be used to turn the STB on or off. You can use the TV button to turn the set-top box on or off after following the provided steps:
      1. On the remote control, press the INPUT button and then select your STB.
      2. Press the TV or 123 button, then select Power.
    • To control your STB, make sure to point the remote control directly toward the Cable or Satellite box.
    • Depending on the STB device, some buttons on the remote may not respond.
    • Functions that require the user to long press or press and hold the remote control button may not work. For example, repeatedly press the CH+ or CH- button to change the channel multiple times.
    • The REC (STB) key on the screen won't work for STBs that don't have the recording function.


    1. The power reset or restart of the TV is a recommended troubleshooting step that resolves many temporary issues.

    2. Make sure your STB is supported with the Cable/Satellite box setup feature.
      • For additional information on your device, contact the STB manufacturer.
    3. Make sure the STB and your TV are both connected and turned on.
    4. Perform the Cable/Satellite box setup procedure:

    5. Check to ensure the Bluetooth® function is on:

    6. Pair the remote control to your TV using Bluetooth:

    7. If the remote won't connect, check if a software update for the remote is available: