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Registration of the touchpad remote control or voice remote control always fails

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    Before you start

    • Bluetooth® devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones, and speakers may interfere with the pairing process.
      • Move Bluetooth devices away from the TV to avoid interference.
    • If you have another Android TV™ device in your home, make sure that that TV is turned off before you start the pairing process.
    • There are two types of remote controls mentioned in this article, the touchpad remote control (A), and the IR remote control (B) that supports voice recognition.

      Touchpad and IR Remote

    Troubleshooting steps before pairing the remote control

    1. Remove the batteries from the remote control and reinsert them.
    2. Set the Bluetooth settings to Off, then turn it On again.

    3. Unpair the Touchpad remote control if it is paired to the TV.

    4. Follow the Touchpad Remote control pairing procedure in the next section.

    Pair the touchpad remote control

    The touchpad remote control can be paired with the TV using the IR remote control or the INPUT button on the back of the TV. Select the method you prefer to use and follow the instructions provided to pair the touchpad remote.

    Pair the touchpad remote using the IR remote control.

    Pair the Touchpad remote control without the IR remote control.

    Enable the voice remote control feature of the IR remote

    Follow these steps to activate the Voice Remote Control function of the IR remote.

    1. Turn the TV on.
    2. Open the Settings screen according to your TV remote options:
      • Press the gear icon (Quick settings) button, then select gear icon Settings.
      • Press the HOME button, then select gear icon Settings.
    3. Follow the steps according to your TV menu.
      • Select Remotes & AccessoriesRemote controlActivate the MIC button (or Connect via Bluetooth).
      • Select Voice Remote Control or Remote controlActivate microphone icon (MIC) button or Connect via Bluetooth.
      • Select BRAVIA SettingsVoice Remote Control.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.