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Redeem the Google Play Movies & TV free UHD movie promo

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    Getting started

    1. Add your credit or debit card details to your Google™ account.
      1. On an internet browser on a computer, mobile device, or Android TV™, open the Google Pay website:
      2. Log in using your Google account.
        • Make sure to use a Gmail account.
      3. Under Payment methods, select ADD PAYMENT METHOD.
      4. Add your credit or debit card details, billing address, and select SAVE.
        • After saving, your credit or debit card details are shown.
    2. On your TV, log in with your Google Account and password.

    Claim your free movie

    1. On the remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Under Apps or Featured Apps, open Google Play Movies & TV app.
    3. Select Get your 4K/UHD movie on us!.
    4. Select your movie.
    5. Select BUY FROM.

      Select Buy From

    6. Select Buy UHD.
    7. Select your credit or debit card.
    8. Select Confirm.
      • The cost of the movie is crossed out and .00 is shown.
      • The message Payment successful displays after the movie is purchased
    9. To watch your free movie, select Library.
    10. Select Movies.
    11. Select your free movie.


    Promotional offer may not appear on the Google Play Movies & TV app:

    • If you have previously redeemed a free movie on another device using the same Google account.
    • If the free movie was redeemed on the TV using a different Google account.
    • If the TV is a store return, exchange, open box, or refurbished.