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Benefits of restarting the Android TV or Google TV and updating the software

    Unexpected issues may occur while using your TV.


    • Abnormal image/ no picture/ no sound for a TV channel or external device
    • No sound/distorted sound/unwanted noise/interrupted sound when playing video or audio
    • Video, photos, or thumbnails don't display properly or display a black screen
    • USB playback, Throw, or Screen Mirroring doesn't work or can't be played
    • The application doesn't operate correctly


    1. Restart the TV.
      Note: For more details, refer to the How to restart (reset) an Android TV or Google TV? article.
    2. Remove all devices connected to the TV.
    3. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord, wait approximately 2 minutes, plug in the power cord, and then turn on the TV.
      For Google TV™, except for KD-xx75K, KD-85X91J (85), and KD-32W830K series press the POWER button on the TV for about 40 seconds or until the TV turns off.
      • If the TV is connected to an external HDD, disconnect and try again.
      • If you leave the TV unplugged, the electricity that remains in the unit will be discharged.
    4. If you use an HDMI/MHL connection and the screen turns black, or the image doesn't display correctly, try the following.
      Note: Your TV may not be compatible with an MHL connection. For more details, refer to the manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
      • Disconnect the HDMI/MHL cable and connect it again.
      • Unplug the connected device and plug it back in or reboot the device.
    5. Reset the picture or sound settings if you experience an abnormal image or sound.

      Picture setting

      Sound setting

    6. Software Update is an update program that includes key features, applications, bug fixes, and feature improvements. Connect the TV to the Internet, and set Automatically check for updates or Automatic Software Download to On to receive the updates automatically.
      For more details, refer to the How to perform a software update article.
      NOTE for X74xxH_X75xxH Series: These models always receive software updates automatically and don't have the ability to change that option. For more information, refer to How do I perform Firmware/ Software Updates for my Android TV or Google TV? article.


    • Downloaded applications may be affecting the TV's operation.
    • If there is no improvement after doing a Restart or Software Update, the problem may have another source.

    See if a downloaded app is causing an issue

    First, start the TV in Safe Mode and check if the symptoms occur while the downloaded app is disabled. For details on how to operate the TV in Safe Mode, refer to the article How to turn Safe mode On or Off?

    If you were able to start the TV in Safe Mode and confirm that a downloaded app is affecting the TV's operation, try the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. From Google Play Store, update the downloaded app you believe is causing the issue to the latest version available.
    2. Follow these steps to perform the Clear data procedure:
      1. Open the Settings screen.
        • If the remote control has a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the Quick Settings button and select Settings.
        • If the remote control does not have a Quick Settings (spanner or gear) button, press the HOME button and select Settings.
      2. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
        • Select AppsSee all apps → the app with problems. (Android™ 9 or later)
        • Select Apps → the app with problems in the System app or Running app category. (Android 8.0 or earlier)
      3. Select Clear data then OK.
    3. Refer to the app web page, the e-mail address listed, or FULL DESCRIPTION of each app.
      Note: The steps below might be changed without any notice.
      • For Google TV
        1. On the remote control, press the Quick Settings button.
        2. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
          • Select SettingsAppsSee all appsShow system appsGoogle Play StoreOpen.
          • Select SettingsAppsSee all appsGoogle Play Store (Play Store) → Open.
        3. Select the upper-right icon, and select Manage apps and games.
      • For Android TV
        1. On the remote control, press the HOME button.
        2. Select Google Play Store.
          Note: For Android 8.0 or later, select Apps, then select Google Play Store (Play Store).
        3. Select My Apps.
        4. Choose the app, or choose the app, then FULL DESCRIPTION.
    4. Consider uninstalling the app.