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Moving apps I downloaded to my TV to a USB storage device

    This information is intended for models where the memory space is limited when installing apps. These steps are for transferring movable apps downloaded to your Android TV™ to a USB storage device to increase the memory space available on your TV.

    Before You Start

    • WARNING! If you format a USB storage device, all data saved on it is erased. Make sure you have saved any important data to another location before you format it.

    • This procedure includes formatting the USB storage device for exclusive use with the TV. Afterward, you may not be able to use it with a computer, or other devices unless it's properly formatted again for that particular device.

    Moving downloaded apps

    Note: Moving apps to an external USB storage device is limited. Most apps can't be moved.

    1. Connect a USB storage device to your TV.
      Note: In some cases the TV will automatically prompt you with an option to format the USB device, otherwise, just follow the steps provided to format your USB storage device for device storage.
    2. USB storage device formatting
    3. After formatting is completed, return to the Settings screen.
    4. Select Apps. If you see the app you want to move, select it, otherwise select See all apps, then locate and select the app you want to move to the USB storage device.
    5. Select Storage used. If the app is capable of being moved, your USB storage device will be listed. Otherwise, it can't be moved.
    6. Select your USB storage device and press Enter.
      Note: To move another app to the USB storage device, go back to Apps to select another app and repeat the procedure.