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Connect the TV to the internet and troubleshoot problems

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    This article provides a list of popular solutions to assist you with connecting your TV to the internet or troubleshooting problems that may occur during or after the setup. We have more articles available on our site. If you can't find the information you are looking for on this page, try using keywords in the search bar of your product page.

    Connect your TV to the internet

    You can connect your TV to the internet using a wired or wireless connection. Follow the instructions according to your connection type.

    Wireless connection (Wi-Fi® technology):

    Wired connection:

    Manual setup:

    Troubleshoot your internet connection

    Before you proceed, if you have an Android TV model, perform a power reset (restart) and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue still occurs, or if you don't have an Android TV, refer to the troubleshooting articles below.

    • Perform a Power Reset or Restart of the TV

    The TV can't connect to the internet:

    Internet connection drops out or loses connection:

    Unable to watch internet streaming services: