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Infrared remote control isn't operating properly or not responding at all

    Each of these steps represents a possible solution. Check if your TV responds to the remote control after completing each step.


    • If your remote control has the IR logo, it is an infrared (IR) remote. However, not all infrared remotes have this logo.
    • If the only button on the remote control that doesn't work is the Microphone, follow the steps in the Voice Commands do not work on my remote article.


    Picture of SONY TV remote controllers

    1. Check the remote batteries. If removing and reinstalling the batteries don't help, install new batteries and try again.
    2. Confirm the location of the IR sensor on your TV and point the remote directly towards the IR sensor.

      • The sensor may be on the left, middle or right bottom part of the TV. If the IR logo is printed on your TV, the sensor is beside it. Check your TV manual for detailed information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
      • Remove anything between the remote and the TV that may cause IR signal interference.

    3. Make sure that the remote is sending an IR signal.
      • You can verify the IR signal from the remote using a digital camera or the camera of a mobile phone.
    4. Make sure that you don't press more than two remote control buttons at the same time. If you press multiple buttons at once, the remote control will not send an IR signal.
    5. Update the TV software to the latest version to see if it improves the symptom.
      • You can use the TV buttons or another Sony® remote control to update the software.
      • The download and update procedure takes several minutes, so make sure to allow plenty of time for the update to complete.

    If the issue still occurs after trying the steps above, the remote may need to be replaced or your TV may need repair.  Go to Product Repair. .