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Unable to complete the Privacy Policy on my Android TV

    A recent software / firmware update for Android TV™ models contains a revised Privacy Policy.  It is required that customers review and accept the new policy. 

    Use the Sony® remote control supplied with your TV to accept the new policy

    After the TV powers up, the privacy message will appear.

    1. On the remote control, press the (Enter / Select) button to open the Privacy Policy.
    2. Read and scroll all the way to the bottom of the policy using the Up / Down arrows.
    3. At the end of the policy, select the desired options (check boxes) by pressing Enter / Select.
    4. Select Proceed and press Enter / Select.

    What if I don't have the supplied remote control?

    If you don't have the supplied Sony remote control, try one of the following methods to navigate and accept the Privacy Policy:

    • Use a different Sony remote control and follow the steps in the section above.
    • Connect a USB keyboard or mouse to the TV.
      • For a mouse:  Use the Cursor/Scroll/Select buttons to navigate the policy and select options.
      • For a keyboard:  Use the Down Arrow/Enter keys to navigate and select options

    After the options are selected and you select Proceed, the TV will function normally.   


    • Options that are not selected may limit functionality of the TV after the update.
    • Other devices that have USB connectivity through a wired connection may work in the abscence of the supplied Sony remote control.