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Unable to display a picture from a computer connected to the HDMI input of my TV

    This article provides information for troubleshooting an issue where your computer is connected to your TV using an HDMI cable and there's no display.

    Before you start

    • Check the article Connect a computer to a TV for use as a monitor using an HDMI, VGA, or DVI cable if you're looking for information on how to connect your computer to your TV to use as a monitor.
    • The computer settings and information used in this article are examples, if you're not familiar with making changes to your computer display settings, you may need to check the information provided with your computer or refer to your computer manufacturer for support.

    This issue may be caused by several conditions, follow the steps as needed to help identify and resolve the issue:

    TV input selection and HDMI cable connections

    Follow these steps as needed for making sure your cable connections are secure and your TV input selection is correct:

    1. Turn off both your TV and the computer, then turn your TV back on and then your computer.
    2. Check the input selection of your TV to ensure it's set for the input used to connect to your computer.
      • On your TV remote, press the Input, Source, or TV/VIDEO button to toggle you through your input connection options to ensure the correct connection is selected. You can also check the back or side of the TV to identify which port the cable from your computer is connected to your TV, and then make sure the input selection on your TV is the same.


        Note: This image shows an example of the input names and options seen on a TV and the input button on a remote control. This information varies by model.
    3. Check your HDMI cable connections. Disconnect the HDMI cable from your computer and the TV and then reconnect making sure the connections are secure. If the issue continues, try using a different HDMI cable.
    4. Try connecting your computer to a different HDMI port on your TV, and then change the TV input to match the port used.
    5. If you are using a VGA to HDMI adapter or something similar, make sure it's connected securely and working properly. The adapter could need replacing.

    Computer settings

    Your computer settings can vary depending on your computer type and operating system. The computer settings provided are examples only, you may need to refer to your computer's help or instruction manuals or contact your computer manufacturer for specific details and steps when making adjustments to your computer and the connection to a TV.

    Make sure your computer is set to output a video signal to an external display

    1. Select a computer screen resolution that is supported by the TV. In some cases, the computer is set to a screen resolution much higher than supported by the TV. Information for your TV can be found in your manuals. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


      • If your TV doesn't support the resolution set on the computer, the screen image may not be displayed or may be distorted.
      • It's recommended that you take note of your computer screen resolution settings before making changes (for reference when restoring the original settings).
      • For specific information on how to check or change your computer screen resolution, refer to your computer help or instruction manual.
      • Some computers aren't able to output an HDMI® or HD signal in certain video modes. If available on your computer, you may be able to use a clone or duplicate output with 1080i.
      • Depending on your computer and its video specifications, some resolutions supported by the TV cannot be displayed. For details, refer to the instruction manual for your computer and video card.

    2. On your computer, select a lower screen resolution that's supported by your TV, then check if the image is displayed correctly.

    Adjust your computer display settings to output to your TV

    If you're sure you've selected the correct input channel on your TV, and the image is not viewable or not ideal, check your computer display settings.

    • Computers with Windows® operating systems:
    • Computers with Macintosh® operating systems