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Information about connecting headphones.

    Wired headphones can be connected to a TV that has a built-in headphone jack only. If the TV has a headphone jack, you can connect a pair of wired headphones into the headphone jack to disable the internal TV speakers and listen to the sound through the headphones.

    If the TV does not have a built-in headphone jack, but has composite audio output jacks, then you could connect a transmitter for use with wireless headphones . Image

    Or, you could connect a stereo receiver with a built-in headphone jack to the composite audio output jacks; then, connect a pair of wired headphones to the headphone jack on the stereo receiver.

    IMPORTANT: When connecting a stereo receiver or transmitter for wireless headphones to the composite audio output jacks on a TV, it may be necessary to turn off the internal TV speakers. For further information, consult the TV instruction manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.