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Apple AirPlay: Displaying content from Apple devices on an Android TV or Google TV

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Use Apple® AirPlay® to mirror the display or stream content from your Apple devices to your Android TV™ or Google™ TV.

    Note: If your Android TV doesn’t support AirPlay, there may be a third-party app available in the Google Play™ store. Sony doesn't warrant or guarantee the functionality, availability, performance, accuracy, or security of third-party applications or any content downloaded through such applications and is not responsible for any damage to or reduced performance of your device due to third-party applications or related content. Please review the terms and conditions and privacy policies accompanying third-party applications you download to your device.

    Before you start

    • You must connect your TV to the internet to use AirPlay.
    • Depending on your model, a may be required to use AirPlay.
    • Apple device operation varies depending on the OS version.

    Displaying your Apple device content or screen

    Watch this video or follow the steps below it to set up Airplay.

    Steps for displaying your Apple device content or screen on your TV:

    1. Make sure your Apple device is connected to the same network as your TV.
    2. Use your Apple device to display the content on the TV:
      • Video: Start your playback on the Apple device then tap (AirPlay Video).
      • Photos: Display your photo on the Apple device then tap (Share).
      • Music: Start your playback on the Apple device then tap (AirPlay Audio).
      • Entire screen of a mobile device: Open the control center on the Apple device then tap (Mirroring).

      Note: For some apps, it may be necessary to tap another icon first.

    3. Select AirPlay on the Apple device, then select the TV to use with AirPlay.

    Note: For detailed information on AirPlay, refer to the following articles:

    Related Information

    • If your TV supports Apple HomeKit, you can control the TV with an Apple device by pressing the INPUT or (Input select) button on the remote control, then selecting (AirPlay), and then following the on-screen instructions to set up the Apple HomeKit.

      Note: Available functions may vary depending on the version of the app and software.

    • You can turn on the TV with an Apple device if the Remote start function is enabled. Enable the Remote start function


    1. Make sure AirPlay is turned on:
      1. On the TV remote control, press the (Input select) button and then select (AirPlay).
      2. Select AirPlay & HomeKit settings, and then turn on AirPlay.
    2. Make sure your TV and Apple devices are updated to the latest software version.
      Note: For details on updating the TV, refer to the How do I perform a Software (Firmware) update article.
    3. Power restart your TV and Apple devices.
      Note: For details on restarting the TV, refer to the How to power reset or restart Android TV or Google TV? article.
    4. If the issue has not been resolved, refer to the additional articles provided:

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