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TV wall mount FAQ

    This answer is designed to assist with some of the questions asked regarding how to mount a TV on a wall.

    IMPORTANT: For product protection and safety reasons, Sony strongly recommends that the installation of your TV on a wall be performed by qualified professionals. Do not attempt to install it yourself.

    Video: How to Wall-mount the Android TV™.

    What type of wall mounting bracket should I use?

    Wall mounts come in many shapes and sizes.The various shapes and sizes are meant to try and meet the performance needs, space or wall requirements, desired styles and safety.

    If your TV came with a supplied mount, we recommend using it instead of having to purchase a new mount, but you may want to consider these factors.

    • Make sure that it can be hung on the wall or area of your home that you want to hang the TV.
    • Make sure it provides the mounting style that you want for the TV in your home.

    If the TV did not come with a supplied stand, visit your local retailer to find a VESA stand  that meets the size of your TV, your wall or environmental requirements and stylistic preferences.

    For more detailed wall mount specifications and Sony recommended wall mounts, please review our article about compatible wall mount brackets.

    Can I mount the TV on any wall?

    IMPORTANT: For your safety and the protection of the product, the wall you select should be able to hold four times the weight of the TV.

    The wall you select should accommodate your viewing preferences. Here are a few things to consider:

    • Mounting height: Having the TV at eye level with the middle of the TV screen is often the preferred viewing height and position.
    • Lighting conditions: Light from windows and lamps may cause glare on the TV screen.
    • Viewing distance: The sitting distance from your TV  is also an important part of optimizing the viewing experience.
    • Corners and non-flat surfaces: These types of surfaces may require specially designed mounts and installations.

    What type of screws and hardware should I use to hang the mount on the wall?

    The screws or hardware used to attach the mount on the wall will vary based on the type of building material that the wall is made of. We recommend contacting a professional installer for assistance in selecting the right screw for your wall.


    • If your wall mount came with supplied screws, refer to the supplied manual for information regarding the type of walls or building materials that are supported.
    • Unless specified in the operating manual or product specification, use a VESA compatible wall mount and standard screws.

       Screen Size (inches)  VESA Specification (A*B)  Standard Screw
       19-22  75 x 75  M4
       100 x 100
       23-29  200 x 100  M4
       30-40  200 x 200  M6
       45-55  400 x 400  M8
       57-65  600 x 400  M8
       70-80  800 x 400  M8
       80-larger  1400 x 800  M8
    • If you want to attach the TV to the supplied table top stand, the detailed instructions with illustrations are available on the reference guide, setup guide, or operating instructions supplied with the TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The instructions on how to attach the TV to the supplied table top stand vary depending on the model number of your TV.