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Smart Speaker

    • The connection examples below are performed on an LF-S50G smart speaker. This model is currently available in limited countries only.
    • To use your Smart Speaker as Bluetooth® speaker, you need to pair the device to the TV through Bluetooth.
    • Your TV should support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Bluetooth profile.
    • This function is available only for Sony® TV that supports A2DP Bluetooth profile . Check here for compatible Sony TV.
    • You can only connect one audio device to the TV through Bluetooth. However, you can pair or connect non-audio Bluetooth device at the same time.
    • You can use third-party Bluetooth smart speakers that supports A2DP. However, we don't guarantee full compatibility.

    To setup Smart speaker with your Android TV™ device, you will need the following:

    • A Smart speaker
    • An Android TV with updated software.
    • A mobile device with an Android™ or iOS™ operating system (to set up the Google Home™ app)

    1. Connect the AC adaptor of the smart speaker to the wall outlet.
    2. Connect AC adaptor

    3. Install the Google Home app on your smartphone/iPhone®
    4. Set up Wi-Fi® settings of the smart speaker and the app. Follow the steps in the app to set up the Wi-Fi settings of your speaker. Make sure your mobile device and speaker are connected to the same network.
      *Depending on your service, you may have to create an account in advance.
    5. Setup Wi-Fi with App

    Connect to a Sony TV through Bluetooth

    Note: You need to establish a Wi-Fi connection first in order to use the Bluetooth function of your wireless speaker. Connect it to an active network during initial setup, then pair and connect it to a Bluetooth device.

    To connect the smart speaker and TV wirelessly, you need pair it to the TV through Bluetooth.

    1. Press and hold the (Bluetooth)/PAIRING button to set your speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode.
    2. Pairing

    3. Turn on your TV.
    4. Turn the TV Bluetooth on. Go to: Settings →  Remote & Accessories or Bluetooth settings.
      • Select BluetoothOn.
      • Select Bluetooth settingsBluetoothOn.
    5. Perform Bluetooth pairing. From your TV Bluetooth settings, find and select your speaker's name. If passkey* entry is required, enter “0000.”
      * A passkey may also be called “Passcode,” “PIN code,” “PIN number” or “Password.”
    6. Establish Bluetooth pairing

    7. Start Playback.

    For other Smart Speaker system

    Refer to the startup guide/manual of your device to find out how to connect to your TV.

    If there's no sound or issues occur, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot Bluetooth connection with the audio device on Android TV devices .