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There is a lag or delay in the picture when playing a video game.

    This can potentially occur on a High-Definition Television (HDTV) because of the built-in noise reduction and other picture adjustment circuitry designed to enhance the quality of high-resolution content. Although great when watching video from other sources, this circuitry can slow the reaction time from your controller and what you see on the TV screen when playing a video game.

    If your TV has a Game mode, you can resolve this issue by going into the TV menu and turning the Game mode to On. This will disable any noise-reduction and picture adjustment circuitry and allow the video game signal into the TV without slowing the response time.

    However, if your TV does not have a Game mode, you will need to check the Video or Picture menu of your TV and manually set any of the following options to Off:

    • Noise Reduction
    • Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
    • Motion Enhancer
    • CineMotion

    NOTE: For model-specific information, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.