Article ID : 00021560 / Last Modified : 08/27/2019

How to connect the TV to a Windows 8 computer using the Wi-Fi Direct Mode technology.

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    To send a video content from a computer running a Windows® 8 operating system directly to the TV via WiFi® connection without a wireless router, follow the steps below:

    1. When the standby screen for the Wi-Fi Direct Mode is displayed, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control.
    2. Select Manual.
    3. Select Other Methods.
    4. Input the exact SSID and WPA key  being displayed on the TV on the computer.

      NOTE: The SSID, and WPA Key are case sensitive, so be careful to enter the data exactly as it appears.

    NOTE: Once the WiFi connection has been established between the two devices, your TV will be shown on the Device charm or Play To charm of your computer.