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The wireless or touchpad remote control doesn't work

    IMPORTANT: If you have a Touchpad Remote Control, a separate article is available to troubleshoot the Touchpad remote control.

    Before following the troubleshooting steps provided below, check to see which type of remote control you have. These are the most common types:

    side by side illustration of wireless remote controls, a touchpad remote, and one-touch remote

    1. Wireless Remote Control (most commonly used)
    2. Touchpad Remote Control
    3. One-touch Remote Control

    Troubleshooting steps

    Check the remote control operation after each step.

    1. Make sure your wireless remote is registered to your TV. If the remote is already registered, try to re-register it to the TV and see if the issue resolves. Follow the instructions according to your remote control type:
    2. Don't place the TV or the remote control near devices that emit radio frequency, such as a wireless router, radio cordless handset, mobile device, microwave, and cordless phone.
    3. If an old splitter is attached near the back of the TV, remove the splitter and try a new one. There is a possibility that the radio waves that leaks from the old model splitter can interfere with the signal from the wireless remote.
    4. Update the TV software to the latest version.
      • You can use the buttons on the TV or another Sony remote to perform the update.
      • The download and update process takes some time to complete. 

    If you followed the steps above and the issue still occurs, the remote control may need to be replaced. Go to Product Repair.