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Adjust the Backlight level, light sensor or power saving settings (LCD TVs only)

    The LCD screen is made with high-precision technology to achieve a high level of performance and picture quality. To achieve this level of performance, the backlight setting of the TV is set to maximize the screen brightness. However, uneven brightness may be observed when the TV is viewed in a dark environment without a video input source, or with a blank screen. This condition is normal and not a malfunction of the TV.

    If this affects your enjoyment, here are a few adjustments that can be made to minimize this condition:

    • Reduce the Backlight Level in the Picture Settings Menu
    • Turn the Light Sensor setting to On in the Setup Menu
    • Change the Power Saving setting to Low or High in the Setup Menu.

    Note: Some of the steps listed above may not be available on all television models. If specific information is required to complete any of the steps, refer to the instruction manual of the television.

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