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How to turn off the Picture-In-Picture (PIP) or Twin-View feature.

    This answer is designed to assist when using the PIP feature Built-in the TV. PIP and other similar features are also included on many cable boxes, Digital video recorders (DVRS), satellite receivers and other video devices. If you are using one of these devices, refer to the manual of that device for assistance with the PIP settings.

    Depending on the Sony® TV, the method to disable PIP/Twin-View™ operation may vary from model-to-model. Some television remote controls have a PIP OFF button, while others only have a PIP button that needs to be pressed repeatedly until the PIP/Twin-View window disappears.

    IMPORTANT: Not all TVs have Picture-In-Picture (PIP) or Twin-View feature. To see if your TV has Picture-In-Picture (PIP) or Twin-View feature, check the product specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


    • Some Sony rear projection televisions have a FLASH FOCUS button that will turn off the PIP/Twin-View feature.
    • Some Sony universal remote controls, if programmed to operate a Sony TV, can disable the PIP/Twin-View feature by pressing the REC or ENT button.
    • If the original TV remote control is not available or is not functioning properly, auto programming the television tuner or performing a power reset  may deactivate the PIP/Twin-View feature.
    • If pressing the appropriate buttons on the TV remote control does not work, then the PIP/Twin-View window might be from a two-tuner cable or satellite set-top box. If this is the case, use the remote control provided with the set-top box to remove the PIP/Twin-View window.